Jasminer X16-P Cryptocurrency Miner – A Brief Introduction

Jasminer X16-P

In the fastest-paced and ever-evolving crypto-currency world, Jasminer X16-P is one of the advanced and efficient miners, has emerged as the linchpin of the mining eco-system.  It represents the most recent application-specific integrated circuit, delivering energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

About Jasminer X16-P Configuration

When it comes to improving mining efficiency, no one can beat the Jasminer X16-P. It has become one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency world that delivers outstanding performance and is straightforward to use. With impeccable design, a friendly interface, and simple operation, it can help you get the desired outcome that you deserve. If you want to buy Jasminer X16-P online, look no further than Keyes Miner!

  • It comes with a compact and portable size of 212 x 300 x 374mm, ensuring efficient and swift performance.
  • The new JASMINER X16-P has a maximum hashrate of 8 GH/S, RJ-45 Ethernet, 200-240 voltage, and 8GB memory.
  • Reputed Jasminer X16-P supplier like Keyes Miner offers these quality miners ideal for office use.
  • These are based on the Ethash algorithm with maximum hash rate efficiency.
  • These innovative Jasminer X16-P for-sale miners are equipped with advanced, specially designed chips to ensure peak performance and unmatched efficiency.
  • These miners are more efficient compared to their counterfeits.
  • These save a significant cost on power throughout the day when you use them.

Reason to Invest in Jasminer X16-P

Introduced in August 2023, this latest-generation miner quickly gained traction in the market, attracting a surge in orders. Specifically crafted to meet industry standards, it boasts a portable size and weighs 14000g, enhancing convenience for miners.

These Jasminer X16P units, tailored for the EtHash ETC algorithm, stand out for their unparalleled quality. They are recognized as top-notch classic miners, boasting an impressive hash rate of 5800 MH/s while consuming a minimal 1900W of power.

0 – 40 °C suits these miners; humidity should be 5-95%.

Due to a noise reduction capability of around 10db, these offer a top-notch mining experience.

It comes with 9 chips, and the noise level is 40db±10%.

Patrons can choose them in terms of profitability, adaptability to different mining algorithms, faster performance, and ease of use.

Keyes Miner- a Trustworthy Jasminer X16-P supplier

In the cryptocurrency world, Keyes Miner is one of the fastest-growing Jasminer X16P suppliers committed to delivering the best cryptocurrency mining equipment without breaking the bank. They aim to help the professionals in this crypto mining industry to get genuine, durable, and cost-effective miners to stay ahead in the mining world.

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