Are you interested in selling your mining machines? Do you want to trade in your existing mining machines for a new or upgraded miner? Keyes Miner as one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency suppliers, our goal is to provide high quality cryptocurrency mining equipment with reasonable prices and fast delivery to our customers. Keyes miner has an experienced logistics team that can help delivery miners to almost everywhere in the world, and we have been exported to the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Central Asia and South Africa.

If you have mining machines that you would like to sell or trade in, please email us at, or contact us on WhatsApp: +86 182 8014 0209 with the following information:


1. The quantity and model of mining machines you want to sell.
2. Describe the current situation of mining machines. (mining machines whether it works properly)
3. Let us know the price you want to sell (we will help you find buyers faster based on the market price).
4. Where are the mining machines now?
5. Please take a photo or video of your mining machine running.
6. Any other details.

Keyes Miner will respond to your request to confirm details and help you arrange a professional salesperson. We look forward to working with you!